My Top #5 Chromebooks for Schools & Educational Institutions (Last updated: July, 2018)

What is a Chromebook Good for? My 5 Top Reasons… 

Google Chromebooks are small, extremely portable web-based netbooks, which run on the Chrome OS and incorporates the Chrome browser. As you have probably guessed, these handy devices feature “all things Google” and are manufactured by partnering companies such as Samsung and Acer for now. In addition to Android, the Chromebook is Google’s move into the lucrative mobile computing marketplace.

The heart of the Chromebook is the Google-designed operating system, based on the Chromium OS, which was an open-source project Google started in 2009. Its offspring is called the Chrome OS, a Linux based system which is mainly dedicated to web applications and simple chores associated with surfing the net. Instead of a traditional desktop interface, the Chromebook has a browser and because these devices have a Solid State Drive boot times are speedy – under 10 seconds and instantly from sleep. There is also a media player and a simple file manager, along with Wi-Fi and 3G connections. These devices usually come with a full-size keyboard, 10 to 12-inch displays and weigh around 3 to 4 pounds.

Think of the Chromebook as a mini-laptop, rather than a slate-like device such as the iPad. The Chromebook has just about everything you would find on a laptop, except for an optical drive. It has USB ports, connections out such as HDMI or VGA, a touchpad, memory card readers and a webcam.

However, the most dominating feature of a Google Chromebook is something you can’t see just by looking at the device. This feature is the main overriding reason why you should get one in the first place. So what’s this important feature? Well, it has everything to do with online storage. What some idiot called “in the cloud” or “cloud computing” – an expression which sort of mystifies and confuses a simple process of storing your content on a remote third party online server. In the case here, your content is stored on Google controlled servers.

This is very logical since the Chromebook is a device designed for the web. Storing your content online means it’s available at any time, anywhere. Much like your web-based email accounts such as Gmail. This also provides convenient backup, and you don’t have to worry about downloading and storing material on your device – which can cause security issues if you’re not careful. Which brings us to another reason to buy a Chromebook, but let’s examine each of these reasons in detail.

1. Portability

The main reason one would get a Chromebook is portability. These devices are small and lightweight; you can tuck them under your arm or in your backpack and take them anywhere. They have long battery life (around 7 or 8 hours), so you can use them throughout the day. This device is designed for the person on the go or the student in the classroom.

2. Connectability

Above all else, the Chromebook is a Netbook – intended to keep you connected to the web at all times. With Wi-Fi and 3G you can stay in contact with friends, family and workmates around the clock. Be on the lookout for some Verizon deals which will give you 100MB of free 3G monthly access for up to 2 years.

3. Security

Another primary reason to get a Chromebook has to do with increased security. This device was designed from the ground-up to be secure and has many security layers built-in such as data encryption, sandboxing and verified booting. Plus, all your content, photos, docs and settings are securely and safely stored online.

4. Ease of Use

All the reasons above would be rather pointless if your Chromebook weren’t easy to use. Booting up and logging on are straightforward processes which anyone can do quickly. Storing your material online gives you great freedom and ease-of-mind. You can easily share your content with family and friends. Some Chromebooks have unique custom web keys which make surfing the web faster and easier. Some have displays which are 40% brighter and can be used outdoors, even in the sun.

5. Hey, It’s Google!

Regardless of your view on Google, there’s no disputing that they have earned a solid reputation for offering superior products and services over the years. The Chromebook is a Google-branded product, and you can bet the farm that they will be putting their vast resources into upgrading and improving this product going forward. One of the most significant benefits of having a web-based product/service, you can quickly update and fine-tune it as you progress and develop it further. Keep in mind, this is a “work in process” and tomorrow’s Chromebook will have countless more applications and products embedded in the device.

In summary…

There you have it, five solid reasons to buy the best Google Chromebook for Education in 2018. If you’re in the market for a netbook or mini-laptop, these are also reasons why you should give the Chromebook some consideration. The chances are excellent that you won’t be disappointed or wasting your time, as the Chromebook does deliver the goods and then some.


Chromebooks are low-powered, affordable computers that are designed to be used for surfing the web, light document editing, email, and social media. They are devices that rely extensively on having an internet connection. They can be useful for people who are looking to get online in as cheap a way as possible (being a fraction of the cost of a standard laptop), and they are versatile enough for most tasks.

Chromebooks are not good for playing games, but they are useful as a device for a student that does not want the distractions of a more powerful Windows or Mac OS machine.

 If you want to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook, you have to use Office Online. This is a way to use Office through the Chrome browser on a Chromebook. Basically, you get to use all of the features that come with Office but it\’s all contained in an online format.

You could also alter a Chromebook to run Windows which you could then use Office with. But, this can be difficult to do so it\’s not recommended for people to alter their Chromebooks without knowing what they\’re doing. It\’s generally best to just use the Office Online software if you want to run this program on your Chromebook.

Do Chromebooks require antivirus software? No, and the fact that you don’t have to worry about installing any antivirus software is one of the biggest selling points of Google Chromebooks. Chrome OS is kept automatically updated and the operating system has virus and malware protection built-in. In addition, it is impossible to get a virus on a Chromebook (unless you install a different operating system) as the system does not allow you to run any executable files. All extensions are vetted by Google, so you really don’t have to worry about malware or viruses when you are working on a Chromebook.

My List of the Best Chromebooks for Education in 2018
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My List of the Best Chromebooks for Education in 2018
Check out my list of my favourite Chromebooks for use in educational institutions and schools. I also provide my personal reason for using Goole Chromebooks in my secondary school in the UK.

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  1. Microsoft offers a completely free web-based version of Office called Office Online, complete with Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online. Microsoft even makes these apps available in the Chrome Web Store.

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